1. I woke up in my childhood bedroom
    Hello, Glenview, Illinois!
  2. I spent the morning going through old photos with my mom and found one of my old goat friend, Pepper
  3. My @grubstreet diet went live!
    It has been one of my favorite columns for a very long time and I became the human version of this emoji 🎉 when @sierra asked me to write one.
  4. I made the leap from a lined hardcover moleskine to an unlined softcover moleskine
    It feels so liberating!
  5. I had a great veggie burger in Evanston
  6. My game boy still works
  7. @lilydiamond and I had a brief exchange about tampons and it made me giggle
  8. I found a one hundred dollar bill in the tampon section of my bag
  9. I used it to buy a new soft sweater
    Grey, knitted, Eileen Fisher, on sale
  10. Tonight I will eat Lou Malnati's pizza