1. I've never dyed my hair before
  2. My mom never let me
  3. And I never fought back because I like the color, it's brown in the shade and reddish in the sun
  4. But last year I started to really go grey 👵👵👵👵👵👵👵👵👵
  5. To the point where I couldn't keep up with plucking out all of the grey hairs, taping them on a post-it, and dating them
    It was "art," it was on my desk
  6. And I started to dread having to dye my hair
    Do I get it done? Do I do it myself? How often do I have to dye it? Too many questions. So scary. I can't even keep up with taking showers in a regular basis.
  7. Until last week when I saw a picture of Ian Chang, the drummer for Son Lux, with his new hair.
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  8. And I was so into it
  9. I texted my friends and asked them if blonde Asian hair is the new man bun and a few of them agreed
  10. Now I can't stop thinking about it
  11. Ian is Asian and has blonde hair and looks good... I am Asian... Could I have blonde hair and look good???????
  12. Is it bleached? Is it bleached and then dyed? How often will I need to tend to it? Will it ruin my hair? Will it go with my wardrobe? Will it be worth it?
  13. Help