Salads are too often the token healthy option on menus and they taste like 💩, or boring at best. I always feel like I'm taking a risk when I order salads because what if I'm missing out on a famous/instagrammable fried thing or whatever whatever?! But when salads are well thought out and good, THEY'RE GOOD. Please add your faves!!
  1. Radicchio, Tasty n Alder, Portland
    It's extremely creamy, it's basically cold macaroni and cheese sub the macaroni for raddichio, and there are thick nuggets of bacon all up in it.
  2. Steak and kale, Five Points, NYC
    Just a very solid classic steak salad that gives me inspiration when I make steak salads.
  3. Market salad, Sylvain, NOLA
    I had it in June, there was corn in it, and it had an avocado buttermilk dressing that was so shockingly good I felt like I had been slapped awake on that first bite.
  4. The green salad on the brunch menu at Longman and Eagle, Chicago
    IDK if this is still good, I had it years ago and I couldn't believe that my friend ordered a salad over all of the amazing brunch dishes at that place, but that was the first great salad I'd ever had and it proved to me that salads can indeed stand up to big bad brunch options.
  5. The Original Chopped Salad, Citizen Public House, Scottsdale
    It's kind of a production, it has/had its own Facebook fan page... it's really tasty and fresh and fun!
  6. The Salad, House of Prime Rib, San Francisco
    Known more for its namesake dish, this salad is spun before you in a sea of ice and cream based dressing. It's a (heteronormative cis) man's salad
    Suggested by @donnie
  7. Tea Leaf Salad at Burma Superstar/ B. Star in San Francisco.
    TBH, it's equally as good at Mandalay and the wait is half as long. Bright, savory, spicy, nutty, all the flavored in one delicious bowl.
    Suggested by @abbyzeecee