I had a deeeeelightful first visit to New Orleans this weekend. What a dreamy place!! TY to @A, @racked, @Rose, and @rightordoyle for having awesome New Orleans lists!
  1. An obsession with pralines
    Dammit they're so good, get these things away from me
  2. A southern accent for my inner dialogue
    My Inside Out this week is Britney Spears
  3. Two used cookbooks
    Jewish Cookery (1949) and the Dallas Temple Emanu-el Cookbook (1965), which has a ton of shrimp all up in that?! I got them from the Kitchen Witch, the greatest little used book store in the French Quarter.
  4. Some new vocabulary from my 20 y/o friend, Graham
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    Woh. 26 y/o millennial lexicon is not the same as 20 y/o millennial lexicon. I now say "turnt" and "gucci" kind of a lot now.
  5. Less sensitivity to being called "baby" by strangers
  6. Oyster shucking practice
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  7. An appreciation for grits
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  8. A fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich on a motherfucking DONUT
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    At District Donuts. Bow down.
  9. Cauliflower inspiration
    From the curry fried cauliflower at Shaya. It satisfied a deep craving for street shawarma that I didn't even know I had. If all vegetables always tasted this good, I would become a vegetarian.
  10. A wedding cake flavored granita 💃
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    Or actually, they're called sno-balls there and the ice is actually smoother than a granita. It was so refreshing bc it was like a thousand million degrees out.