Inspired by @therichdale who was inspired by @fisackerly who was inspired by @rachelpologe
  1. Dogs: 37.5%
    Rufus, Mini Rufus, Blue
  2. Birds: 37.5%
    Duck the duck, Mr. Mumbles the penguin, Pati the platypus
  3. Came to preschool with me: 12.5%
    Amy the bear
  4. Came to college with me: 12.5%
    Mumbles. Sorry, Mumbles.
  5. Made at Build-A-Bear: 50%
  6. Chewed up by my dog: 50%
    😭 so traumatizing, but mum and a sewing kit came to the rescue
  7. Made noises: 37.5%
    Rufus oinked, Duck quacked, Fluffy rattled
  8. Had cute outfits: 12.5%
    Rufus never goes out without his raincoat
  9. Not actually an animal: 12.5%
    McNugget, the sunny side up egg