"what does your husband do in the winter?" is a question i get all the time and it is a v valid question!
  1. paperwork
    there is A LOT OF PAPERWORK
  2. fix the tractors
    if there is a breakdown during the farming season, there usually isn't enough time to fix it completely, so they do quick fixes and then wait until the winter to do the real fixes
  3. go to arizona
    (or other places... but farmers around here usually go to arizona) there is some time to travel during the farming season, but it can be risky to plan a big trip during then because the farming season is so unpredictable
  4. teach/learn
    about any number of farming things, like marketing, soils, welding, technology, business management...
  5. take up a hobby/play the trombone
    since there is usually no time for this during the farming season
  6. go to farming conferences
    and show off your new shiny pickup (or in the case of my husband, his 1996 buick lesabre)