As of last Saturday, I am a chicken mama. It is the greatest thing ever. My little chicks are so fluffy and cute 🐥🐥🐥There are 15 of them and right now they are all named Macaroni but once we can tell them apart easily they'll all receive names based on male pen names of female authors.
  1. I can't wait to be a soccer mom
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    I've taken to calling myself a mama very easily and yesterday when the girls all chased after a bug I had the startling realization that how cool would it be to be a soccer mom, I love mini vans.
  2. They sleep in a pile
    At night they all flop on top of one of another to sleep. It is a mountain of chick and I cried when I saw this for the first time. They cuddle! Just like you and me!
  3. They poop so much
    It seems like every few seconds one of them lets it all out. One of them even pooped *on top* of another one today.
  4. Snapchat
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    I've found a true use for my snapchat account now
  5. They love the shade
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  6. They sometimes die
    One of them just stopped living on her second day. It was awful. So awful. But we were warned: our friends told us to get at least a dozen because chickens die or get killed (by other animals or even each other) all too easily :/
  7. They're so fun to watch
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    They're so goofy the way they just spend their days waddling around after each other
  8. Cats should be kind of afraid of them
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    We were afraid the farm cats would try to eat them but apparently once the chicks are fully grown, they'll be able to defend themselves by pecking and the cats need to back off if they don't want their eyeballs pecked out.
  9. I do a good cutesy animal voice
    I always thought that people who talk to their animals in cutesy voice are crazy. But the urge is real.