(Besides me!) As requested by @donnie!
  1. A LOT of alone time
    The practice room, the kitchen, the tractor. All very solitary places. There's room to get really awkward if you don't force yourself to be around people. (In other words, I'm extra awkward irl.)
  2. You can get away with looking like a slob on a regular basis
    Technically you have to wear all black in the orchestra pit, but it's not really cool to launder your orchestra clothes.
  3. An appreciation for food
  4. But not a huge emphasis on health
    Unless you're a healthy food blogger, and I guess a healthy food farmer... Ok there are tons of exceptions, but most of the farmers in my area eat like poop (despite how much care they put into growing their crops) and most of the bloggers I follow do donuts more than vegetables
  5. You work on weekends
  6. You've gotta hustle if you're gonna make a living
  7. They're all worth the hustle
    Because they're fun and there are tons of perks, like sugar beet seed swag, concert tickets, endless wine shipments, and dutch ovens...