The Ladies of Grand Forks Brunch Club descended on Minneapolis this weekend for a delightful bachelorette party! Minneapolis rocks.
  1. We learned the difference between hollandaise and bernaise
  2. I got a call from Ari at the Grand Forks post office to say that my chickens arrived two days early
    I was five hours away 😭😭
  3. I cried
    I can't believe I'm a chicken mama. I'm so happy.
  4. The bride said, "Farewell to GMOs? F that, Chipotle. Learn agriculture."
  5. My friend debuted her new hairdo, a half shaved head, it looked ~really~ good
    I asked for the name of her stylist
  6. I was not allowed to drink
    My license expired a month ago. I applied for a new one the other day and they trimmed a corner off of my old license and gave me papers that I'm supposed to carry around until I get my new one but I forgot my papers.
  7. Therefore, I was not the drunkest of the group
    Which is kind of rare but I felt so great this morning!
  8. We watched the bride open up a shit ton of lingerie presents and had to think of corresponding desserts for each one so that the groom could order off a menu of desserts and then instead of getting the dessert he'd get his new wife in lingerie
    My contribution: Care Bears undie pants, aka Funfetti cake
  9. We shared a "haute" dish
    It was at a restaurant called Haute Dish and it was great
  10. My mom and sister got in a very heated political discussion in a group text that I was included in
    I didn't partake. I just watched my sister be drunk and my mom be sober, they agreed on every single point though so it was actually not that heated, but still interesting
  11. There was a stripper
    It was bridesmaid Jean
  12. We ate some great smørrebrød this morning at The Bachelor Farmer
    I had a fantasy that @sarahkieffer and my other MSP friends would coincidentally be there too and I could give them hugs.
  13. I made the decision to get over my fear of driving to Minneapolis by myself by Labor Day