Grand Forks -> Minneapolis -> JFK today, JFK -> Israel tomorrow. No one will be getting hangry on my watch.
  1. Raw almonds
  2. Chocolate covered espresso beans
  3. Tractor cookies
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    For some reason a lot of people on Instagram had a hard time figuring out the shape of these cookies... Are these really that difficult to decipher?
  4. Dark chocolate mocha almond Kind bars
  5. Those new Justin's almond butter handi-snack things
  6. Swedish fish flavored Trident
    A necessary part of being a camp counselor (well, Birthright leader) is having the best gum, right?
  7. Chili lime jerky
    This is actually for my friend in Israel because apparently you can't get jerky in Israel, so I guess it's not technically one of my plane snacks but it is a snack that I am carrying onto a plane. And I hope it is legal to bring this into the country.