I am dressed for the rain, caffeined up, and ready for this!
  1. Read the tahini chapter in the Zahav cookbook at Powell's
    And maybe/probably buy it. I am undecided on whether or not I want to carry it around all day with me.
  2. Convert my capsule wardrobe to accommodate cold weather
    This has me extremely excited! My first stop will be Frances May.
  3. Get a haircut at Rudy's
    My hair girl in North Dakota moved (I think?) and I'm a little afraid to try anyone new there so I'm going to put my trust in stylish Portland people.
  4. Go "prop sourcing" (dishes shopping) at Canoe and all of the other cute lookin stores
    Any suggestions??
  5. Drink all of the coffee that I please before noon
  6. Eat the tahini chocolate bar and drink the switchel that I just purchased at World Foods
    What a wonderful store!!!!!!!!! They have frozen jachnun and malawah and an entire halva section. I was a little bit disappointed in their tahini selection but the halva section made up for it.
  7. Go to Penzeys
    And look at all of the spices that I don't need.
  8. Eat Japanese food
    Usually when I go to a new city I hunt down the best Middle Eastern food but I think Japanese food is What You Eat When You Go To Portland... right? Maybe?