1. β€’
    when the toast comes pre-buttered
  2. β€’
    when your boyfriend orders the fries
  3. β€’
    when you eat standing up
  4. β€’
    when it's your birthday month
  5. β€’
    when there's a salad on your plate
    you don't really need to eat it, it's the effort that counts
  6. β€’
    when you put physical labor into making it
    kneading the dough, whisking the mayonnaise
  7. β€’
    when you're on woman holiday
  8. β€’
    when it's friday pizza night
  9. β€’
    when it's free
  10. β€’
    when you're stoned
  11. β€’
    when you're at a baseball game
  12. β€’
    When your kids don't eat it
    Suggested by Β  @alibaron
  13. β€’
    When you eat it so fast you barely taste it
    Suggested by Β  @joannaspicer
  14. β€’
    When you'd didn't even enjoy it that much
    Suggested by Β  @joannaspicer
  15. β€’
    When it's a sample
    Suggested by Β  @sally
  16. β€’
    When your flight is delayed
    Suggested by Β  @philgaimon