1. Being draped with a warm or cold sheet.
  2. Biting into a plumped raisin.
  3. Being shampooed by a rough-handed woman.
  4. Gently tautening my ponytail.
  5. Peeling off rainy clothes.
  6. Kissing someone (anyone) on the fattest part of their cheek (I call this delicacy the "facial scallop". It appears only when someone is smiling hugely.)
  7. Shattering a Butterfinger with teeth.
  8. Sleeping in a warm bed with one leg or arm out, Ishmael-style.
  9. Turning on the shower while taking a bath (for double water sensation).
  10. Peeing in my wetsuit so I can surf longer.
  11. Picking up hairs off the floor with a piece of tape.
  12. Engaging with perforated materials.
  13. Applying room-temperature butter to food with a paddle.
  14. The chilly embrace of cold air when emerging from a sauna.
  15. Smoothing a blanket.
  16. Estimating smoothie volume with exactitude (every drop in blender fits in glass—no more, no less).
  17. Removing bra.
  18. Stroking a fresh buzz cut.