*according to my 10 year old self. This is a discussion that began when my best friend @linzfin and I were floating on a lake one summer day in Maine many years ago. This is what we came up with. ***no offense to my real dad who is the greatest***
  1. Alec baldwin
    This still holds true
  2. Steven Tyler
    Don't have much to back this up. My friend and I saw him in the audience at a Pink concert one time and I think we were still riding that high when we added him to our list.
  3. Tom hanks
    Because, duh
  4. Bill gates
    For money reasons
  5. The president maybe
    (Prez at the time was Bill Clinton) My Date with the Presidents Daughter was a thing around that time. Guess it would be cool to have that *unique* struggle of having the secret service always follow me when I'm just trying to be a teen. Can you let me live?! Also, what a humblebrag that would be!