I can't stop listening and it is concerning.
  1. Really balances out Adele's devastating "hello" that I also have on repeat.
  2. Note to self: disregard the lyrics because if you pay too much attention it ruins the whole thing
  3. i.e "You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty"
    don't call the song Sorry and also blame yer girl in the opening line..
  4. The music video with the dance crew in 90s get up is 85% why I love the song.
    Like can I just round up my girls and do that dance and look just as good? No I can't.
  5. This is even better than What do you mean? Which I also alarmingly loved the second I heard it.
  6. Am I a fan? No. But what's happening?!
  7. I listened to only this song for two hours on a loop last night as I wrote a paper.
    Did not get much writing done. Did get plenty of dancing done though.
  8. Surely this will pass soon and be but a mere memory, right?