Fun fact: one of these won a costume contest!
  1. Ariel
    My bro pulled me around in a wagon bc hello, flipping your fins, you don't get too far.
  2. Sleeping Beauty
    Michigan in October - I wore sweatpants, a sweatshirt and a dress over said sweatpants. Mom made my bro wear a crown with his sweats and forced him to kiss me on cheek to wake me up at each house...gross, mom
  3. Power ranger/clown
    I wanted to be a power ranger but I fell in love with a disgusting purple plastic mask with attached metallic purple streamers for the hair. I made my own purple power ranger costume out of purple sweats and some circles of multicolored felt I tacky glued on. Of course, THIS was the only year my mom let us walk in our neighborhood parade so I repeatedly told neighbors "I'm a power ranger slash clown."
  4. M&M package
    Not an adorable M&M. The brown wrapper. Homemade (by my mom).
  5. S'more
    I distinctly remember this year being colder than the rest so I chose an all white sweats ensemble which I stuffed with cotton from Joann's Fabrics. I hung a piece of black cardboard and a larger piece of brown cardboard over my head.
  6. A witch
    This was the last year I trick or treated in my neighborhood. I went with a large group of mixed gender tweens and I was scared of standing out too much with a creative costume or being mocked. 😐 this is my metaphor for girls and adolescence.