And a summary of each episode for my co worker that has never heard of Zack Morris.
  1. Jessie takes caffeine pills
    Jessie needs to get into Stanford. She and the other girls start a music career. Jessie takes caffeine pills to get it all done. She has a nervous breakdown. I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so scared!
  2. Zack Attack
    The gang forms a band and makes it big but Zack gets a big head and goes solo. They all get back together one last time to sing Friends Forever. It was all a dream.
  3. Don't do drugs
    A famous star visits Bayside to shoot an anti drug commercial. The gang becomes friends with him. At a party they see him using drugs and tell him it's not cool. Dope? Nope!
  4. Oil spill
    Zack finds oil on Bayside's property. Everyone day dreams about being rich. Then they find a duck covered in oil and realize oil spills aren't that cool.
  5. Mr Belding's brother is cooler than Mr Belding
    Mr Belding's brother is leading a white water rafting trip. Everyone likes him better but Mr Belding warns them not to get too close. The brother doesn't show up the morning of the trip thus canceling the trip. Not cool but a great I told you so for Mr Belding.
  6. Girls can play sports
    A new girl in school threatens AC Slater's claim as best wrestler at Bayside and proves that girls are tough too. Zack starts dating her, but just until the end of the episode.
  7. Drunk driving
    (From the Tori season) The gang takes Lisa Turtle's mom's car to a toga party. They drink. Zack drives the car home because he's the least drunk. They crash. Can they fix it in shop before Mrs Turtle finds out? Is Slater's wrestling career over? Can Zack save the day without getting caught? No!
  8. All of them!
    Even the junior high years, even the college years, even the season where Kelly mysteriously disappeared and they replaced her with Tori.
    Suggested by @HisDudeness