I work in TV. I watch TV. I talk about TV.
  1. Better Call Saul
    To be honest, I don't love it. I loved Breaking Bad so much I keep thinking something OMG worthy is going to happen soon and I need to be there when it does.
  2. Friday Night Lights
    I know. I'm very late to this one. I tried to avoid it but finally caved. Now I find myself staying up late to see what happens next with the Dillon Panthers.
  3. Broad City
    Hands down the funniest show on TV. If you don't like this show we probably won't ever be good friends.
  4. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
    Recently went back to watching this and it is brilliant. You learn, you laugh, you become more disgusted with America.
  5. Baskets
    Louie Anderson plays the mom. That is all.
  6. Schitt's Creek
    Discovered this during a trip to Montreal. It's hard to find in the states (what the hell is Pop TV?) but it's worth every gray hair as I navigate the horrible On Demand menus.
  7. Jackie Robinson Documentary
    His relationship with his wife chokes me up. On a video-nerd level I'm also amazed at how crisp the archival footage is.
  8. SNL
    It's hit or miss. Some weeks I'm shaking my head wondering how Loren let a skit go on the live show, and before Weekend Update nonetheless. There are some real comedic stars and I have discovered a lot of new great music acts from the show.
  9. Next up, TV shows I'm starting soon and TV shows I will never get into (I'm looking at you Downton Abbey)