1. Start with a low key Friday night watching TV in your pajamas
    Bonus: significant other went to bed early so you can watch all the trashy reality tv you want.
  2. Feel sensation of something in your eye
  3. Blink 1 million times in an attempt to get it out.
  4. Fail
  5. Flush eye with water
  6. Find slight relief
  7. Go to sleep
  8. Wake up and run out the door to make hair cut appointment.
  9. Feel sensation of something stuck in your eye again but this time it hurts like hell.
  10. Drive with one eye closed to the nearest eye doctor
    LensCrafters inside the mall. They must have a doctor or at least one of those microscopes that look at the eyeball
  11. Find out you scratched your cornea!!
  12. Spend the rest of the weekend in a dark room like a vampire.