Maternity TV Goals

In a little over a month I'm having a baby (again). I know better than to hope for long walks in the park and coffee dates with friends so my real maternity leave goals are 1. Surviving and 2. Watching the following TV shows at some ungodly hour. ANY I MISSED?
  1. The Affair
    I'm currently on season 2 and may wrap this up before baby arrives. That theme song!
  2. Bloodline
    Started watching this with my husband but if he keeps going to bed early and denying us valuable TV time I'm going to "cheat".
  3. Narcos Season 2
    Maybe the new baby will grow up bilingual!
  4. Stranger Things
    On second thought, is this going to make me scared of the dark? I already am.
  5. The Americans
    So many seasons...
  6. anything on Amazon
    I have Prime but have never once watched a TV show or movie on their service. Can they please get an app on Apple TV?
  7. The Jim Gaffigan Show
    Quick and funny for those dark days/nights
  8. The Night Of
    Another one I may not be able to watch alone. If I seem super stressed out it may not be all because of the new baby.
  9. something stupid, short, and sweet
    Any recommendations?