Requested by Amelia


  1. Sharing my tiny (400 sq ft) studio with a husband, bulldog, and fully constructed beehive while said husband petitions the condo board for permission to keep a hive on the roof.
    There were no bees in the hive at the time.
  2. Salvaging every orange juice container from our recycling bin because they make good sugar water dispensers for the bees.
  3. The sound of bees thumping into your front window trying to make it to the back of the house where their hive is.
  4. Always having a good ice breaker. Bonus: being able to explain bee behavior without taking a class or reading a book, just absorbing 50% of what hubby says around the house.
  5. Harvesting honey from the hive and passing it out to friends and family like we're Oprah at Christmas time.
    You get a tiny bear bottle, and you get a tiny bear bottle!
  6. Hosting friends at our house and having to pacify my husband's excitement over asking the visitor to put on a bee suit and go into the hive.
    2016 I'm starting a guest book with photos of people in bee suits
  7. The dangers of lost night bees on your screen door
  8. Seeing a bee miles from your house and claiming it as one of your husband's babies.
  9. Consoling a grown man after the death of a queen.