Requested by Amelia


  1. Pro: the belief that I'm providing an example to my daughter that she can be whatever she wants to be when she grows up.
  2. Con: rushing home from work to spend a few quality minutes with your new baby only to arrive right after she went to bed.
  3. Pro: the extra income to not feel bad about buying that cute toy, article of clothing, or other completely unnecessary kid item that will be used once then forgotten.
  4. Con: pumping in an awkward work space with no locks while praying a male co worker doesn't bust open the door looking for you.
  5. Pro: always having a valid reason to leave work early on Halloween.
  6. Con: walking in the door after a long work trip expecting an enthusiastic welcome from your child only to barely get their attention like you were just away at the store for an hour.
  7. Pro: time to have interactions with someone who has something more interesting to say than what color the car that just drove by was.
  8. Con: managing how often you talk about your kid's latest achievement or disgusting habit with people who couldn't care less.
  9. Pro: coming home from work and being greeted like you're Beyoncé.