In no particular order and including random thoughts I have about their show. I'll continue to update the list as I remember more.
  1. Sinbad (circa late 80s/early 90s)
    My parents dragged me along to a New Years Eve show because they didn't have a babysitter and I was too young to stay home alone. I was also too young to get any of his jokes. I remember fake laughing loudly along with the crowd just because it felt like the right thing to do.
  2. Godfrey
    Terrible show but funny experience. The crowd was really drunk and he stayed on stage about 45 mins past last call. The stranger next to me fell asleep on what I think was a first date. There was almost a fight because one group was talking loudly. At the end I felt like we were all part of a social experiment.
  3. Dave Chappelle
    This time there was an actual fight. Shirts off, in the aisle, fist fight. Dave gave commentary on the whole thing and it was hilarious. Then, Mos Def came out on stage for a mini concert.
  4. Neal Brennan
    3 mic show in Montreal. 1 mic for traditional stand up, 1 mic for confessional, 1 mic for one liners.
  5. Kyle Kinane
    Went in with no expectations. Came out with a lot of great, close-to-tears laughs.
  6. Wyatt Cenac
    The show was in a strip club in Montreal. Half way through I looked up and realized there were chains on the ceiling that normally hang down and no poles on stage. Do Montreal strippers dance on chains instead of poles? His show was good and it made me appreciate his goodbye on Jon Stewart's last show.
  7. Patton Oswald
  8. John Mulaney
    A+ show! I just watched his Netflix special which is the same material and it was great the second time, but my husband will never forgive him for changing the McDonalds coffee punchline.
  9. Larry Miller
  10. Donnell Rawlings
  11. Bert Kreischer
    The Machine / best talent to work with on Travel Channel.
  12. Shawn and Marlon Wayans
    They performed together so I think it's ok to list them together.
  13. Mitch Fatel
    Hilarious but he needs an episode of Where Are They Now
  14. Dick Gregory
    I've never seen him on stage but I'm lucky to have had many conversations with him and they're always entertaining. Before I left for Semester at Sea he advised me to look up what cotton looked like in the ground because the last time they offered black people a trip around the wold on a ship it didn't end too well for us.
  15. Jeff Ross
  16. Bill Burr
    I only wish I'd splurged for better seats. Comedy in big auditoriums is hard. I want to see facial expressions.
  17. Jerry Seinfield
    Ok it was only for a minute as I was getting out of a taxi in New York and I spent that minute thinking "do I know that guy"? Then I spent the second minute kicking myself for being such an idiot and just starring at him like a weirdo for an entire minute.
  18. Anthony Jeselnick
    He called the woman in the front row who spent the entire show eating a burrito with her back turned to stage a cunt and it was great.
  19. Chelsea Peretti
  20. Hannibal Burress
  21. Dave Attell
    I've seen him a few times and he never disappoints.
  22. Bob Marley
  23. Jim Breuer
    My husband got drunk and yelled out some joke he really wanted to hear, then immediately regretted it and wouldn't say it again when Jim asked to repeat it. It will now always be the night he failed at heckling Jim Breuer
  24. Robert Schimmel
    Standing outside waiting for the first show to end so we could go in for the late show, an older gentleman came out and told us not to bother going in because it was the worst show he'd ever seen. Thankfully we didn't listen. Grandpa clearly had no sense of humor.
  25. Frank Caliendo
  26. Craig Robinson
    Not so much a stand up routine as a funny musical act. I've never seen someone play the piano so well and be so high at the same time. I was impressed but it went on too long. I had to leave at 12:30am when there was still no end in sight.
  27. Big Jay Oakerson
    The entire show was him interacting with the audience. It felt as though every show is completely different based on who is in the crowd. Very glad I didn't get picked out. I'm not sure I could have handled talking about my sexual habits in front of strangers.