Requested by Amelia


As requested by @ameliaville After months of mourning the loss of his colony, my husband decided to harvest honey from our backyard hive.
  1. The bees really do the heavy lifting by doing what they do. Let's call that a precursor to the steps below.
  2. Step 1: Watch a lot of honey extraction videos online. It's beekeeper porn.
  3. Step 2: Scrape the capped honeycomb into a bucket.
  4. Step 3: Test a toddler's nerves by daring her to touch the "bee juice"
  5. Step 4: Break up the comb by squeezing it with your hands to release the honey.
  6. Step 5: MacGyver yourself a honey funnel and strainer.
  7. Step 6: Wait. A long time.
  8. The tiny bits of comb will filter out.
  9. Leaving behind pure honey
  10. Step 7: Put into tiny bear bottles because it's freakin' adorable.