Things I Just Can't Get Behind

Sometimes I'm driving the bandwagon. Sometimes I'm on the side of the road flipping it off.
  1. Hamilton
    I'm going to just come right out with it. I haven't seen it. Don't want to see it. Will never believe that it's as amazing as people say it is and I actually do like musicals. Those who believe it's amazing rap music should go buy a Kendrick Lamar album.
  2. Downton Abbey
    Watched Episode 1 but couldn't understand a damn thing anyone said. My ears don't work on British accents.
  3. Kale
    Ya'll know it's gross. There are other things that are good for you and don't require completely changing their flavor profile in order to make it edible.
  4. Game of Thrones
    Watched 3 episodes and I had no idea what was going on. Plus I'm not really that into magic or things that never existed.
  5. Trump
    Not to get all political but I couldn't leave him off the list. I'm not one of those people who say they're going to move to Canada if he gets elected. Canada is too cold.
  6. Being jealous of what others have
    Haven't we all seen the movie/book/article where the woman who married the really rich guy and has the perfect house with the perfect family and the perfect life is actually miserable and ends up dead or at least in foreclosure?
  7. Selfies
    Unless you're standing in front of the Grand Canyon or something else equally amazing is in the background I don't understand why you want a picture of yourself. Worst offenders are driving selfies. You're on your way to work? Great. So are millions of other people. Keep your eyes on the road.