Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. Rats
    That side of the street is yours dude
  2. The Safeway near my house
    Unless I'm looking for an expired box of Twinkies
  3. A phone conversation about nothing
    If you want to know how I'm doing put it in an email
  4. That person I recognize but do not remember their name
    Oops I forgot something that's in the complete opposite direction from where you're standing.
  5. Asking my parents for directions
    I got it, turn right at the McDonalds. I won't miss the McDonalds sign. They're designed not to be missed. Yes, I'll turn right. At McDonalds. Right.
  6. Sleeping on someone else's couch
    But my couch on a Sunday afternoon is heaven
  7. The mall near the holidays
    Yet I always wait until the last minute. CVS has some impressive gift options.