I even tried doing a few of these for a while or at least pretended to
  1. An architect
    But then in 4th grade I had to write a paragraph on why I wanted to me an architect but I couldn't spell it so I changed my mind.
  2. A teacher
    I wanted to be that cool teacher who never gave homework but then I realized how much I hated public speaking.
  3. A professional dog walker
    Until someone told me how unrealistic it was. Now I don't associate with that person. Dogs are awesome
  4. A Taylor Swift imitator
    But I realized I look nothing like her. And I can't sing. Or dance. And the whole public speaking thing.
  5. An electrician
    Because I felt like a badass wearing a hard hat everyday. But then I realized I'm terrible at physics.
  6. A waitress
    Then I learned I liked eating the food a whole lot more than I liked serving it.