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Season two finale of The Leftovers was TOO DAMN GOOD. Why aren't more people watching this?! Incredible season, fantastic finale.
  1. Crazy little Meg. I love how crazy you are.
  2. Erika. Love her. Does she understand?! Yes?! Maybe?
  3. "Maybe she didnt love you." This scene between Kevin and John. 😱 So good.
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Ingredients and directions on my favorite post school snack.
  1. 1.
    Two corn tortillas.
  2. 2.
    Shredded cheese.
    From the cheapest block of cheese at the grocery store.
  3. 3.
    One zip loc sandwich bag.
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  1. Hiking/camping trip in the smokies with some high school lovers
  2. My mom being cute on one our morning walks.
  3. Love flying over a pillow of clouds. So beautiful and peaceful.
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  1. The office
    For the lols
  2. Buffy the vampire slayer
    For the drama, action, romance. One of my first tv obsessions. Need some of that spike romance on dessert island.
  3. Arrested development
    For more lols
Or more like, the only outdoor running spots in htx
  1. Mkt trail (heights)
    Short but sweet. Paved trail starting on white oak and taking you all the way into downtown. A few bums, but they're usually sleeping.
  2. Buffalo bayou (Allen parkway)
    Best time is before the sun starts to set. Downtown looks incredible on this trail.
  3. Memorial park
    A easy 3 mile loop! Usually lots of hotties running.
  4. Herman park
    I always get lost running here. But it's still a very pretty run.
  1. Harry Potter
    Any one of them, all of them. Marathon party?!
  2. Die hard
    Again, any one of them.
  3. Sleepless in Seattle
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