Season two finale of The Leftovers was TOO DAMN GOOD. Why aren't more people watching this?! Incredible season, fantastic finale.
  1. Crazy little Meg. I love how crazy you are.
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  2. Erika. Love her. Does she understand?! Yes?! Maybe?
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  3. "Maybe she didnt love you." This scene between Kevin and John. 😱 So good.
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  4. Kevin singing "Homeward Bound" plus the little glimpses of his family. Gah! 😢 Too much!
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  5. "I don't understand what's happening." Neither do i, but "it's okay"
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  6. The final scene with Kevin at home. Perfect.
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  7. "But in Jarden Town the sun shone bright - a miracle" Stuck in my head for forevers.
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  8. NEED more leftovers!!! Hopefully it returns for a 3rd season!
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  9. *all pics from the google webs!