The Leftovers: I Live Here Now

Season two finale of The Leftovers was TOO DAMN GOOD. Why aren't more people watching this?! Incredible season, fantastic finale.
  1. Crazy little Meg. I love how crazy you are.
  2. Erika. Love her. Does she understand?! Yes?! Maybe?
  3. "Maybe she didnt love you." This scene between Kevin and John. 😱 So good.
  4. Kevin singing "Homeward Bound" plus the little glimpses of his family. Gah! 😢 Too much!
  5. "I don't understand what's happening." Neither do i, but "it's okay"
  6. The final scene with Kevin at home. Perfect.
  7. "But in Jarden Town the sun shone bright - a miracle" Stuck in my head for forevers.
  8. NEED more leftovers!!! Hopefully it returns for a 3rd season!
  9. *all pics from the google webs!