It was a neighborhood Walmart, we like to call smallmart
  1. Went to get a few thing for some cupcakes I had to bake for a party
  2. And also a case of Ultras for me. Well because I like to drink, but yet watch my calorie count...
  3. We go to check out. I put the case on the conveyer.
  4. Cashier asks for BOTH of our ID's.
  5. I inform her he's only 18 but I have mine ...
  6. SHE puts MY beer on the floor and says "Uh, no"
  7. EXCUSE ME?!? What's your problem???
  8. I said "ummm that's my son, that's my beer, I'm over 21. What's the problem??"
  9. She said "oh!! I thought that was your boyfriend"
  10. Uh bitch whaaaa??? I'm making fucking cupcakes and drinking ultras!!
  11. Needless to say I got my damn beers. Momma needs beer & wine to survive.
  12. This is my first list. Sounds more like a diary. I like to drink and bake. So what...
  13. She said good genes must run in the family. I think she saw smoke from my ears and my face red as she was fixing to die at smallmart...