Hmmm. Who knew this would be such a difficult list??
  1. Spending qt with the kids!
    Drive me bananas, but I sure do love those turds
  2. A nice cold beer!!
  3. Sun!!
    Love it, need it!! Even better on a patio with a beer!!
  4. Sleeeeep
    Damn sure don't get enough.
  5. A good belly laugh.
    Giphy downsized medium
  6. A good road trip
    Doesn't matter the destination, good company & music is all that matters.
  7. A warm summer night
    Kids catching fire flies, tiki torches lit, good music in the background
  8. Going to the lake
    Sun, kids, beer. I'm no good at winter, if ya haven't caught on.
  9. Seeing the first signs of spring
    Cause summers coming y'all