So last thursday I went out. Initially I didn't want to, I was already in my pyjamas (usually once I put my pyjama on there's not a fucking chance I will change, it's almost a sacrilege) but I did an exception because I really wanted to go party that week. We had to drink pretty fast because there was a concert.
  1. Since leaving the house at 12pm since arriving at my house at 10 am I remember about 10 minutes of that night.
    I thought maybe someone drugged my drink but the next day I didn't have a hungover or felt drowsy or anything. So I think this mega blackout is induced by drinking hella fast.
  2. The next day I woke up and my finger was bleeding.
    It looks like nothing, but it has DEPTH and I'm guessing it's a burn, and in that case it must have hurt pretty bad like there's a piece of my flesh that has been burned away. And I don't remember it at all.
  3. Apparently I hooked up with three guys
    But I only remeber talking to one guy. Just talking. I remember talkjng with him on some stair and that he said that he was from Senegal. The other two guys I don't have the least recollection. Not even a face or name. Just nothing.
  4. My friends "lost" me for two hours. From 4 till 6 I disappeared.
    It's common for me to disappear from time to time at parties. But two hours? What the fuck was I doing?
  5. I lost my card holder where I kept my i-d, metro ticket, and basically all the cards assigned to my name
    Having to renew all your cards is worse than losing an iphone. But fortunately I emailed the club afterwards to ask if they had found it and they did!
  6. Tbh this night was pretty vanilla and not that crazy but it was eventful and kinda fun but I do wish I remembered at least one hour