Some of my movie crushes
  1. Ewan McGregor as Renton in Trainspotting
    The junkie look really suits him. I love very thin, ill loking guys and buzz cuts are really sexy.
  2. Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho
    Killer body ha ha ha
  3. Megan Fox as Jennifer in Jennifer's body
    Hotness personified. I would gladly let her est my body
  4. Sam Shepard as The Farmer in Days of heaven
    I spent the whole movie thinking 'abby leave richard gere right now, this man is more handsome, is nice, in love with you, plus he is rich. What more do you want?
  5. Faye Wong as Faye in Chungking Express
    You can't watch this movie and not fall in love with her
  6. Takeshi Kaneshiro as He Zhiwu in Fallen Angels
    He is a major babe. And he seems a good person
  7. Chloe Sevigny as Alice in Last Days of Disco
    She looks so classy and beautiful in this film. Wife material.
  8. Matthew Goode as Charles Stoker in Stoker
    He has a little froggy eye going on, but very sexy psychopath
  9. Al Pacino as Antonio Montana in Scarface
    He is not handsome but Al Pacino had a brief span where he was very hot. The spanish accent is a plus.
  10. Joaquin Phoenix as Jimmy Emmet in To Die For
    You can tell he smells bad and he is an idiot but I would have been so in love if I had been in that high school.