1. β€’
    Bikers with full face helmets are statistically hotter than regular bikers. They are wearing a helmet that covers their face thus the possibilities are endless.
    This is why I have mixed feelings when I look at them because they could be either a Joe Magnianello or a Joe Jonas
  2. β€’
    My short sightedness impairs my ability to flirt from a distance
    You could be looking at me or maybe you don't even have eyes. I should get contact lenses but I don't want an object to have that much power over meπŸ™…πŸ½πŸ™…πŸ½πŸ™…πŸ½
  3. β€’
    Procrastination is and will be the death of me
  4. β€’
    This isn't random. This has been in my head for quite some time. Paul Weller is major FILF or GILF like seriously look at him! He's looking as good as ever. Woth those glasses and chain
    That mod haircut didn't suit him at all. But now, oh god
  5. β€’
    Just look at him!!
    This is like a dream suggar daddy. P-l-easee