Thank you @kate81. I love my husband, but you're right, there are some things he does that drives me crazy.
  1. When he accentuates the word 'be' in a sentence. It started off so endearing, but now it's just so annoying!
  2. When he reaches across me to try what I'm cooking. I know this seems crazy of me, however as a chef, I just find this so invasive. It tastes good!.. you don't need to try it.
  3. When he talks about his third nipple. We get it honey, you're a freak!
  4. He still struggles to find my G-spot. For the love of all things numerical, it's not rocket science! He does try though!
  5. His dancing. There really isn't much else to say!
  6. Spends way too long in the bath. I blame his father for that.
  7. His sarcasm. He's a witty guy and he makes me laugh every day, but some times his sarcasm is overpowering.
  8. He still smokes from time to time. He thinks I don't know, but of course I know! He stresses easily, so I don't push the issue, but gosh it drives me crazy.
  9. I know he works hard, but he doesn't do much. Especially on Sunday's.