Things I Miss About My Grove St Apartment

  1. My peephole frame: I think Rachel took it without asking as a keepsake. I really should ask her about that.
  2. My kitchen: it was quaint and I loved that blue. My hanging copper pots (still use those). It's like every time I'd look out that window I'd see something different.
  3. Ugly naked guy: I won't lie, I kind of miss him. I actually think @RossGeller still keeps in touch with him.
  4. Joey: I actually miss him just barging in and fixing a sandwich. Well, me fixing him a sandwich! Looking forward to seeing him next month.
  5. Central Perk: ok, so mainly I miss the couch and Gunther.. not so much the coffee. There is an artisan coffee roaster in my neighborhood that has the best cold drip.
  6. Living in the Village.
  7. ...flicking through old albums always makes me so nostalgic.