1. Luis
    A semi-English speaking marine biologist, 6 years older than me. He was Colombian and we met in Mexico. I left my scarf in his apartment and he delivered it to me next day via-bike. My first kiss.
  2. Chase
    Some football player.
  3. Ryan
    Some baseball player.
  4. Luke
    I was dressed as an alien and he said I was trying to hypnotize him. Sort of an asshole, but to be fair I sort of stalked him.
  5. Someone I don't remember
    Maybe there's a couple of those...
  6. Mike
    Super-hot made out on the University Church steps, and took me to Starbucks after mass one day. Ruined my trust by ordering mint tea; tried too hard.
  7. Strack
    A few too many more times than makes sense
  8. Dunavan
    A friend of a friend I shouldn't have
  9. Dean
    A friend I shouldn't have