Places I've Found Myself This Summer

  1. On top of a beloved school monument, topless
  2. At the football stadium, watching the sunrise over the NYBG
    With a dear friend, a good cup of coffee, and a cheap cigar
  3. On trains, in plains, in cars
  4. And in airports
    A. Lot.
  5. In the embrace of Joan Jett
  6. And then at a Joann Jett concert
    *resurrects; dies again*
  7. In the Windy City
    Celebrating marriage and love
  8. In Fort Lauderdale
    Beach combing with my sister; drinking wine with my parents
  9. En route to Honolulu; but then actually in Portland
    Things have a funny way of working out for the best
  10. At Estes Park
    10,000 ft. up
  11. At an Independence Day Kenny Loggins concert
    Singing along to lullabies of my infancy
  12. At Lake Okoboji, with my entire family
    Spare a couple notable absences due to death, birth, and marriage
  13. In Jail
    Wearing communal undies and not my own clothes
  14. In San Diego
    unsure of how to ride a bike
  15. Home
    Cherishing my cats and own bed
  16. And: in small things, in overcoming, and in others