Workaholics is my new personality
  1. All their physical idiosyncrasies- Blake's small penis, Anders' man-boobs, Adam's muscles, Karl's wonky eye
  2. Their ability to get SO into stuff - like when they dress up for the rave and embrace rave culture unabashedly, they're so enthusiastic about everything!
  3. The way they hate people randomly and fiercely (Anders/Karl, Adam/Alice, Montez)
  4. When Blake tells Jillian "you are so precious to me"
  5. Jillian and Alice are such badasses
  6. Whenever Anders calls Adam or Blake "my man"
  7. Their love of revenge (esp Blake and Adam in the Burweedo ep)
  8. The gore (rats, skunk maggots, butchering a cow) makes everything feel real surreal once in a while
  9. Their competitiveness and willingness to fight is so intense (the Juggalo ep is a great example of this)
  10. The way Blake puts his hair behind his ear