One was cracked and the other had attached to the tooth next to it. Before you ask no I am not in my fifties.
  1. Can I text
  2. What is this song it sounds really familiar oh it's Simon & Garfunkel and actually one of my favorite songs
  3. How does my dentist know I love Simon & Garfunkel
  4. Will Genesis come on next
  5. All these water droplets spraying make my dentist look like a welder in a car commercial with Clint Eastwood narrating and the water is like the sparks flying
  6. I can't feel my teeth are they separating
  7. Yes pretty sure my incisor isn't where it was before
  8. This isn't so bad
  9. I can't believe my dentist has a massaging chair he's the best dentist I've ever had I'm never going to another dentist again for as long as I live