By Elena Ferrante
  1. They are addictive. I literally would finish one and pick up the next. They're like every binge-watchy television show rolled into one plus better.
  2. Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym for an Italian author no one knows, which is so badass. She's more effectively reclusive and unknown than Thomas Pynchon.
  3. Even though the author is clearly a woman, people speculate that her books are so a good a man wrote them. Such nonsense.
  4. This is the depiction of the most engrossing, enriching, yet dysfunctional friendship ever put to the page, but each woman is incredibly original on their own.
  5. Italy was a fucked up place for a long time. Fiction is an amazing way to learn about it. I've been to Naples and am so fascinated by what was lurking there underneath.
  6. The covers are ridiculously bad but the titles are perfect. The first one is called "My Brilliant Friend."
  7. If I ever hear/see anyone ask "what should I read" I just respond now with "FERRANTE."