1. Her humor
    Eleni can make anything funny. She has an incredibly smart humor where she knows how to relate to people on things that they weren't even aware they were thinking.
  2. Her loyalty
    Eleni sticks around even though when we met I was completely insufferable. Also I require ridiculous amounts of attention and she is ok with it.
  3. She gets tired easily and is really embarrassed by it
    One of her "insecurities" is that she sometimes doesn't have a lot of energy and requires naps. This really entertains me.
  4. She can take a joke
    Nothing is off limits with Eleni. She can laugh at herself and is not easily offended. She RARELY gets defensive.
  5. She is genuine
    She gets genuinely happy for other people and only wants happiness for her friends.
  6. Her reactions to things
    I love telling her good news because she gets excited for me. Also I can tell her a really stupid insignificant story and she will react as if it was worth telling.
  7. She understands my family
    She understands the dynamics of my relationship with each member of my family. This is a biggie.
  8. She doesn't judge me
    She has watched me spend $1000 on hair extensions and didn't bat an eye.
  9. Her family
    One of the best parts. Her dad is one of the funniest people I know and her mom is a real life angel. I consider them my family and sometimes I think they know more about me than my actual family does.
  10. When she cries when she laughs
  11. She doesn't know how to use escalators
    Eleni does not know how to use escalators and has had a couple scares. This concerns me but is also something I love about her.
  12. She makes me feel good about myself
    Eleni spins things I do to make them seem like good characteristics. This is a really nice thing to do for someone.
  13. She makes me laugh harder than anyone on this planet
  14. Perfect godmother material
  15. How easily she gets scared
  16. She has good taste in food