Some of these shows have already ended (maybe ages ago), but I have Netflix and I am binge watching as much as possible
  1. The Office
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    (Duh!) This is my second time watching the show and I am on season 4 as of now. Why? Because I needed my yearly dose of Jim and Pam/PB&J and of course also the rest of the office 😊
  2. Mad Men
    Am I mad for not having watched this show when it first came out? Yeah. I don't think I fully understand what it is that makes the show so great, but it is. I am far into the show right now and so far so good. I am waiting for Sally to grow up, lowkey. If you ask me, Miss Jewish Store Department Owner from the first season should have married Don. Don, you irritate me beyond belief.
  3. Sense8
    What can I say? This is a fucking brilliant show! I swear I was traumatized after I finished watching it. Everything I watched on TV after this felt so weak in comparison. I mean, the Wachowski's created this. So yeah, brill. And no I have never watched The Matrix. Sue me.
  4. Hart Of Dixie
    Honestly, I took a break from watching it. I felt like there were other shows I wasn't familiar with so I dropped this one. However, I am still obsessed. Or I will be when I start watching it again tomorrow. My heart is broken from the news that it was cancelled, but I will manage. Or not. Wade and Zoe 😭
  5. Shameless
    I knew I was forgetting something! Shameless! Shameless UK, okay. I started watching it in leu of Skins UK (another great show). I admit it took me some time to really commit to the show, but eventually I found the magic of Fiona and Steve. Someone tell me they will come back again later on, please! 😭