Not just now, but this focuses on the now.
  1. I am in college
  2. I have horrible studying habits
  3. I barely sleep or I have really wacked up sleeping schedules.
  4. I eat horribly.
    A lot of junk food and all that.
  5. My eczema has not rested since the beginning of the year
  6. No new friends
    Psh. As if I need any. I'm serious. There's no sarcasm here.
  7. I have no motivation yet again
    Except that I do but somehow that motivation gets lost in my brain. I need someone to kick me.
  8. I don't know what I'm doing
  9. I have the worst procrastination problem ever
  10. I am lazy
    Or depressed. I'll take either or both since I won't get anything better.
  11. I don't sleep
    And yes I repeated myself because this bothers me!!!!!!
  12. I don't function
  13. It's cold
    Yeah, I bitched about the hot weather and now I'm not bitching about the cold. I'm only pointing it out. I'm cold.
  14. I'm definitely old
  15. Everyone else is beautiful while I am.... me