BUGS! Because of bugs. No, but seriously.
  1. Bugs
  2. It's too hot
  3. It's too cold
  4. People
  5. I don't know what to wear
  6. None of my clothes fits right
  7. I'm fat
  8. My face is not ready
  9. I don't like wearing shoes
  10. I hate wearing pants
  11. I have eczema flare ups
  12. I'm too sleepy to function
    Maybe not too sleepy to function, but too uninterested to function. Something along those lines.
  13. Everyone else is cute
  14. My neighbor might see me
  15. My neighbor is basically a Greek god
  16. Frizzy hair
    Sometimes. It depends.
  17. Bugs might fall into my hair
  18. I'm afraid of head lice
  19. My nails are too long