Different types of women I might end up being someday. Good to use for comparison when I am actually an established woman.
  1. Neurotic housewife that can't complain because everything's supposedly fine.
    I live in a Beacon Hill house with my daughter and husband who is a Cambridge man and thinks my mental illness makes me interesting. I teach my daughter witchcraft while he is working at the University. Sometimes I vacuum over the same paper on the ground over and over, meditating on what my life would be like if I ran away with the maid.
  2. Homeless poem peddler in Los Angeles, CA.
    I'm not technically homeless, I have just enough to live at the local hostel. All my things fit in a backpack and my most prized possession is my typewriter which I use to sell people fresh poems for $3 at the Santa Monica Pier. I am friends with other street performers. I work nights at a dive bar in a rough part of town. I take it day by day and don't stress much about the future.