Just my personal rant. Despite what Ive loses here, I still love this tiny red dot and my fellow citizens....
  1. Weather weather weather. There is only one season- Summer all year long!
  2. Densely populated and there are people everywhere you go.. This is one of the smallest country in the world, and yet we packed to the rim as at now. It will only get worst
  3. One voice in the government. Enough said.
  4. Cost of living. This is one of the world most expensive cities to live in..salaries can never keep up with the ever rising medical cost, f&b, transportation fees and inflation...
  5. Constant mrt delays, mass breaking down and faulty lines blah blah blah.. All thanks to #3
  6. Due to the influx of foreigners in recent years, I can't help but feels that this country is no longer the place I call home.. Too many Indians, PRCs and Filipinos around us, while locals are escaping to Australia, Thailand and USA to get away for a better life elsewhere
  7. Stressful life with constant push to do more, excel higher, achieve greater results etc. worklife balance and quality of life? Nah. We don't get it here.
  8. Public housing getting smaller and smaller while prices are getting higher year by year.. Again please refer to #3
  9. The prices of private vehicles here is a joke! I could get a Audi or even Range Rover in USA with the prices I paid for a tiny Polo here!
  10. Not being a welfare state. You are on your own, period.