I could watched these over and over again...
  1. The West Wing- I'm on the 3rd rerun now, and yeah it's still that amazing!
  2. Frasier- best sitcom ever, with the cutest jack Russell- eddie
  3. Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch- enough said
  4. Lost- For Matt Fox, and hell yeah I still don't get the ending.
  5. Homeland- best political thriller in recent years, and Rupert Friend is a delicious eye-candy!
  6. The Walking Dead- the bloodier the better, with more gore and flesh tearing off! Wicked!
  7. Felicity - binge watching it during high school day. Love love Keri Russel's short chic hairdo!
  8. Breaking Bad- voted best series in this decade. Enough said. And I root for Mr White no matter what! He did everything for love!
  9. Game of Thrones- nudity with dragons and incest! Epic fantasy journey!
  10. Last of all, Halt and Catch Fire- 7 letters, LEE PACE!
  11. I realized that limiting to only 10 is way too cruel! I needed to add in Parks & Recreation in the list as well!
  12. And the last of all, the critics favorite in the recent years as the top rated comedy, for the geeks and freaks- the Silicon Valley!