The movies and book on this list are some of my favorites, but these nit picky questions stick in my head. I've avoided questions I've seen elsewhere. Some spoilers
  1. Ghost Busters - What's the deal with the timeline?
    Ghost Busters is my favorite movie of all time, but the general story of the Ghost Busters and the Venkman/Dana story seem to be happening at different speeds. The Ghost Busters are around for several months, based on Winston's timeline, while it seems Dana & Peter's story happens over 1-2 weeks.
  2. Back to the Future, Part III- Why doesn't Doc in 1885 know his future?
    In 1955, Marty and Doc see Doc's grave, revealing Doc's dark future. When Marty goes back in time, 1885 Doc has no idea about what will happen, even though he is 30 years older than 1955 Doc and should remember what his younger self saw.
  3. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire- Why does Barty Crouch Jr. wait until he does to give Harry a port-key?
    Putting Barty Jr. at Hogwarts as Mad-Eye was a genius plan by Voldemort, but their use of the Tri-Wizard tournament is not too bright. Barty could have given Harry a port-key at any time during the year when no one was looking. Instead, he concocts a plan that needs 400 things to go right.
  4. Skyfall- What was Bond trying to accomplish?
    With M under threat, Bond plans to leave a trail so he can stop Silva. This plan involves 1) trading a massive manpower advantage (all of the British government) to a disadvantage of 20-1 (plus two senior citizens) and 2) putting M right in Silva's line of fire. Why didn't Bond leave the same trail and then send M anywhere else in the world?
  5. The Dark Knight- Who helped Jim Gordon fake his death?
    In Gotham, the only people Gordon trusts 100% are Batman, his wife, and maybe Dent. Yet when he fakes his own death, none of them are in on it. It also seems that none of Gordon's cops know. Who helped Gordon pull the fakery off? How quickly did Gordon come up with this plan?
  6. Bonus Potential Question- Will JJ Abrams Star Trek & Star Trek Into Darkness lead to the destruction of Earth
    In the original Star Trek films, Spock's resurrection and trip to Vulcan takes Kirk and crew away from Earth. In Star Trek IV, when whales are needed, they are able to go back in time. In the reboot, Vulcan is gone and Khan is in deep freeze. With no ability not motivation for Kirk to leave the Earth, will the planet be doomed when probe wants whales?