Things I Love About My Luna Girl

A happy list for a slow Friday afternoon :)
  1. When she's super-happy, she trills, LOUDLY. She's happy a LOT
  2. She often sits like this:
  3. And this:
  4. She's a lady, yet refuses to conform to antiquated gender behavior expectations
  5. She loves her big brothers
  6. But is completely capable of holding her own
  7. well as reminding them, on occasion, of who is actually in charge
  8. She LOVES to sleep, just as much as I do
  9. And she's extremely good at it
  10. Her head always smells like baby powder- so strange and I'll never understand it but it's awesome
  11. She's dedicated to attacking her "lemur" tail at least once daily
  12. The way she "complains" at me when I scold her but still complies because she knows exactly what I'm talking about she just hoped I wouldn't notice
  13. How she's always waiting for me right next to the front door when I get home from work
  14. That she's quick to forgive me when I have to clean her ears or trim her nails
  15. How trusting she is
  16. Her fascination with playing with - and attempting to eat - my hair. Weirdo.
  17. The fact that I can't let her nap with me because she'll just purr loudly in my ear if I stop petting her
  18. She's just an adorable bundle of love
  19. I've been a dog person all my life, but my 3 Musketeers have proved to me that cats can be great snuggle buddies :)